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past Courses

The Orthodox Pillars of Faith official youtube channel where all our lectures from past years are available. Tune in to conferences from Dr. Joseph Faltas and Fr. Daniel Azer as they discuss the beauty and intrigue of the Orthodox Church History. 

Intro to Patristics: Dr. Joseph Faltas

You can think of this course as OPF 101. Over the length of 4 weekends, Dr. Joseph Faltas introduced the students of OPF to the study of patristics and to who the Church Fathers are. This thorough course lays the foundation on which all subsequent OPF courses are built.

On the Incarnation - Dr. Joseph Faltas

Dr. Joseph Faltas discusses Scripture and Tradition with OPF, and ends the discussion with a deep dive into "On the Incarnation" by Athanasius of Alexandria

On the Trinity - Dr. Joseph Faltas

Dr. Joseph Faltas discusses the Trinity in the understanding of the Church Fathers.

Intro to the New Testament - Fr. Daniel Azer

Fr. Daniel Azer taught an introductory course on the New Testament over two weekends over the summer of 2019.

Against the Heathen

On July 3-4, 2020, Dr. Joseph Faltas discussed the book of "Against the Heathen" by Athanasius of Alexandria with OPF over two lectures.

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